Friday, 27 February 2015

A message from Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum
Due to unforeseen circumstances, your child's Read With Me Reading Kit will be sent home on Monday, March 2, 2015.

For more information on this program, please visit Upcoming Events.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or telephone.

Have a wonderful day, inshaAllah.
Nancy-Ann Brethour

Thursday, 26 February 2015

French Update from Tr. Said

Asslam alikum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman.

Below are some updates from our French class.

·   We are still working in - activités du préscolaire -  We covered more letters (  H- I- J- K-L M).  
·   We learned the sound  of these letters.
·  In addition we are learning new words :   Hibou – Igloo- jupe-  kiwi- lion  - Maison
·  We read the following stories: Caillou se fait mal -   chef cuisinier -  ( developing comprehension of a story )
·  Les contraires – jeu de cartes -
·  Gesture teaching and review (  la – classe- commence – maintenant – ouvre – la tête – écoute – reste – vient – chante – au revoir- fait un cercle -  je sais .
·  Play rehearsal with the Big Book and gesture. 
·    We learned numbers 10 to 15 using - J'apprends à compter de 1- 20.
·  Song ( il y a 7 jours , lundi le pemier , mardi vient après , mercredi et jeudi, après c’est vendredi, la fin de semaine ,c’est le samedi  et dimanche)
·  We started a new story : Le petit chat cherche une famille, we introduced chracters.
·  Introducing a few language forms used in a telephone conversation. Dialogue: Ali téléphone à un ami..
Jazakoum Allah khairan

Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekly Update ( February. 17-20)

Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

Dear Parents,

We have not been working on anything new as we were busy reviewing Arabic, Math, and Science as well as preparing the folders and the students for the Student's Led Conference.

Students worked on making the cover for their portfolios, practice showing and talking about their work, and going around the classroom reviewing what they know to be able to share it with their parents on the day of the conference.

Thanks to all parents who showed up at the SLC. I hope you enjoyed your child's presentations.

What is new?
A brand new incubator and automatic egg turner.
Jazahum Allahu Khyran, Farouk's parents, for investing in our JK classroom with a brand new incubator. We are going to purchase the firtilized eggs in April and watch them hatch, Inshaallah!

Roots of Empathy:
Jazaha Allahu Khyran Hind's mom for starting this program with our JKs. Our first session will take place this Friday, February 27, inshallah! An e-mail will follow with all the details about the program.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Student Led Conferences Updates

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a great day working on our portfolios! Students are excited about meeting with their parents on Friday to show them some of their fabulous work!

If there is an available slot, and you can still make it, please email me asap, so I can reserve the slot for your child. 

This is the portfolio schedule:

Student Led Conferences Attendance Schedule (February 20)

4:00 - 4:25
(Slot 1)
1.   Heba
2.    Raihan
3.     Shanza
4.     Noorah
4:25 – 4:50
(Slot 2)
1.      Yaseen
2.     Lina K
3.     Osman
4.     Tasnim
4:50 – 5:15
(Slot 3)
1.      Luna
2.     Rayan
3.     Maham
5:15 – 5:40
(Slot 4)
1.      Abdorrehman
2.    Mohammed
3.                          4.

Maghreb Prayer
6:00 – 6:25
(Slot 5)
1.      Bilal
2.     Hind
3. Aya
6:25 - 6:50
(Slot 6)
1.      Omar
2.     Laith

6:50 - 7:15
(Slot 7)
1.      Adam A.

 Please make sure you come on time in shaa Allah, so your child has enough time to show you his/her great work!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday in shaa Allah!

Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Four Fruitful days! (Feb 9-12)

Review language and math. 
Assess students who were not assessed last week.
Work on report cards.

Made the solar system with paint. Paint 9 Bristol boards (sun and planets) with different colors and tools (sponges, carpet, paint brushed, bubble wrap…etc). Cut them and paste them on the bullentin board in front of the classroom.    

Fun and learn field trip to the Canadian Museum of Nature!
Jazakum Allahu Khyran to all the parents (Aya's, Omar's, Raihan's, Lina Kattan's, and Abdorrehman's parents) who volunteered and helped us make this day a successful one.

Celebrated the 100 days of school. Our amazing volunteers (Shanza's, Omar's, and Noorah's moms) helped us make 5 centers to celebrate the 100 days of school:
1-      Count the 100 objects you brought from home.
2-       Make a 100 fruit loop necklace and eat it.
3-      Paint your hands and count 100 fingers.
4-      Toss the ball in the basket and count 100 balls.

5-      Try to finish the lollipop in 100 licks.

Thanks to Aburrehman's mother for making the 100 days cake. It was very delicious, Masha'Allah!

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Weekly Update (January 26-February 6)

Theme: Allah the Creator “Outer Space”

(هُوَ الَّذِي جَعَلَ الشَّمْسَ ضِيَاء وَالْقَمَرَ نُوراً وَقَدَّرَهُ مَنَازِلَ لِتَعْلَمُواْ عَدَدَ السِّنِينَ وَالْحِسَابَ مَا خَلَقَ اللّهُ ذَلِكَ إِلاَّ بِالْحَقِّ يُفَصِّلُ الآيَاتِ لِقَوْمٍ يَعْلَمُونَ) [يونس: 5].
It is He who made the sun a shining light and the moon a derived light and determined for it phases - that you may know the number of years and account [of time]. Allah has not created this except in truth. He details the signs for a people who know

(تَبَارَكَ الَّذِي جَعَلَ فِي السَّمَاء بُرُوجاً وَجَعَلَ فِيهَا سِرَاجاً وَقَمَراً مُّنِيراً) [الفرقان: 61].
Blessed is He who has placed in the sky great stars and placed therein a [burning] lamp and luminous moon.

Arabic Language اللغة العربية:
- For the last two weeks we have been discussing the solar system which covered the following:

- We read a variety of books related to space. Please talk to your child about their favorite planet/star!
- Practiced reading the letters آ-ي.
- Finished the letters س  and ش ( س : سمكة، سكر، سلحفاة، سنجاب، ساعة) , (ش: شانزة، شمس شمام، شمبانزي، شجرة، شعر، شوكة، شمعة).
- We made a necklace for students whose names start with the letter that is taught and they got to take it home.

- New “Learn Arabic Language” videos were added to our YouTube channel. Please check them out and subscribe.

Science العلوم and Mathematics: الحِساب:
-          We discussed our planet earth using the globe and talked about the size of water compared to to the land. We made a planet earth craft using blue paint and green construction papers.

-          We discussed rocket ships and made a craft rearranging the letters of our names (count the pieces) on the rocket ship using construction papers, glue and stars stickers.
-          Identify the heart shape and talked about the human heart.
-          Counting to 100 in Arabic using beads.

Arts الفنون:
-          We discussed the job of an astronaut and what do astronauts wear.
-          We made a nice astronaut craft using pictures of the students and water bottles. The craft is going to be hung on the classroom door, Insha’Allah.
-          We created a mini aquarium as a sensory play at the end of under the sea theme.

What’s new ما الجديد and Jazakum Allahu Khyran:
-          Math game made with toilet paper rolls and sticks made by Shanza’s mother, Jazaha Allahu Khyran.

-          Hexagon building game, straws and connectors, three books for teaching kindergarten were bought from the donation of Maham’s family, Jazahum Allahu Khyran. We are going to buy curtains with the rest of the remaining money, Insha’Allah!

-          All our Arabic DVDs have been classified by Tasneem’s mother, Jazaha Allahu Khyran.
-          Jazakum Allahu Khyran to all the parents who brought in the disinfecting wipes and the bottles of water.
-          Jazakum Allahu Khyran to Omar, Osman, and Abdorrehman’s moms for bringing us food and coffeeJ!

Reminders تذكير:
-          Please note that there is no more worksheets to be sent home as we are collecting them for the student’s LED conference.
-          Please note that all the late Quran competition slips from January 26- 30 were not taken by the Quran teacher. Priority was for those who handed the slips earlier.

Dates to Remember:
February 11: Field trip to the Canadian Museum of Nature. (This is the first time we cover everything showcased in the museum. Tr. Hiat ,Jazaha Allahu Khyran, is going to cover Dinosaurs on Monday and Tuesday, Insha'Allah).
February 12: 100th days of school (Do not forget to send 100 items with your child).
February 13: PD Day (No school).
February 16: Family Day Holiday (No school).
February 17: Report cards go home.
February 20: Student Led Conference (Early release).

Jazakum Allahu Khyran