Thursday 30 March 2017

A message from Teacher Sahar

Assalamu alaicum Dear Parents,

The students are working on Surat Almaoon.

Please help your child to memorize it!


Sunday 26 March 2017

Hockey and Potluck Night

It’s Game Time!
Come join us for a fun-filled evening watching the Green JK2 team battle the Red JK2 team.
Friday, March 31 @ 5PM
Abraar School Gym

Potluck event- We need every 5 parents to bring one of the following:
Main Dish – Dessert – Finger Foods - Salad – Beverages
*Please make sure all foods are NUT and SESAME free.

Heads up game will be played with parents and students.
*Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 29, and inform me of the dish you will be providing.

Thank you!

Latest Updates

Things we covered:

-The students now are be able to:
- learn how to recognize, trace, and color the letters ص - ط.
- try and investigate new science experiments.

- learn more about Dinosaurs (workshop), and bird's migration (IMAX movie) during our field trip to the Museum of Nature, and visit the ocean and space galleries. 

- participate in the 100 days of school activities, and learn how to count to 100 in Arabic.


- painting using different materials to explore different textures.

- participate in making 'stress balls' as a fine-motor skill activity.

- discover and observe their own plants. The students planted flower seeds, and were so excited when the flower seeds started to bud. 

- learned all about transportation. The students made a key chain with the transportation flash cards.
- measure items according to their length.
- use different recyclable materials to make art projects.
- participate in the free morning activities.

Book Hunting:
- Teacher Nermin's husband (Amo Tharwat) has been volunteering to read books for our classroom on his days off.  The students greatly appreciated his storytelling and have requested him to come back.  Please let me know if you are interested in reading a book in Arabic or English for the students at the end of the day (3:15 - 3:30). Your child will feel special knowing his/her mom or dad is reading to the class.
Activities to do at home:
Help your child get mad with science at home... Click on the  YouTube link below.

Help me review:
-Surat Al-Maoon.
- Arabic Alphabet أ- ط.
- Measure items around the house, and compare the length of different objects.

Sing Along With Me, or Listen to me Recite:
- You can subscribe to the YouTube channel below for some educational Arabic Songs:
- Practice reciting the last 2 Ayas of Surat AlBaqara.

Thanks to: 
- Ismael's family for donating $200 to our classroom. Alhamdulilah we were able to purchase new chairs for the reading are, and will purchase a new carpet soon, Insha'Allah.

- Yasmine's family for donating a $100 gift card to our classroom. We were able to purchase 3 new educational toys for the students.

- Tia and Lillyanne's mothers who kindly gave the teachers flowers on the Arabic Mother's Day :)  

- Teacher Heba and Abraar school for helping us purchase new Arabic materials (flashcards and posters) for our classroom.

Coming Up:
- Backyard Bugs Workshop (Friday, April 21).
- Swimming Field Trip.
- Hockey and Potluck Night (An invitation will follow).
- Spirit Day (Sportswear Day) on Wednesday, March 29.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran,
JK2 Team