Monday 30 November 2015

A Message from Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum
I hope this email finds you well and in good health.
The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school this week, inshaAllah!  For more information about the book fair, please look at our Scholastic Book Fair flyer.
Have a wonderful day, inshaAllah.
Nancy-Ann Brethour

Sunday 29 November 2015

Weekly Update (November 23-27)

Theme: My School المدرسة

Language: اللغة العربية
-We learned how to identify, trace, and make a craft for the letter خ (خديجة، خروف، خنزير، خيار، خس، خبز).
- The student's "All about Me" presentations went really well, Masha'Allah. All students were very confident talking about themselves and their posters. Insha'Allah the rest of the students will do great as well this week.


-The students participated in the " Green and White" spirit day. They were full of spirit and joy, and wore the colors great!

- The students have come to enjoy the sensory station that we set up inside the classroom.

- JK2 students toured the school's Science Gallary that was put together by the grades 4,5, and 6. They learned about different animal habitats. JAK to all the teachers who worked hard preparing for the event.

Mathematics الحساب:
- We learned new math nasheeds, started counting backwords 10-1, and learned how to count and trace the number 3.

Arts: الفنون:

- The students learned how to differentiate between the soft ناعم and hard خشن textures. They were given many different art materials and were asked to glue 2 soft textures and 2 hared textures on their art work sheet. 

Coming up:

- Friday, December 4 is Parent-Teacher Interviews Day. Early dismissal for students.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!

Sunday 22 November 2015

Weekly Update (November 16-19)

Many mini themes in a short week: My Schoolمدرستي, Cleanlinessالنظافة, Bullyingالتنمر, Safe Outdoor Playing اللعب الآمن في الخارج

Language and Arts: اللغة العربيةوالفنون
-We learned how to identify, trace, and make a craft for the letter ح ( حوت، حصان، حمزة، حج، حليبـ حمامة. We were singing the letter ح song as we were working:

حمزة وصديقه حسان، ذهبا حديقة الحيوان، 
وجدا الحمامة تطير وخلفها الحصان
حمار الوحش واقفاً يشرب الحليب فرحان
والحوت الصغير فتح فمه كالنعسان
وهذه مخلوقات الله... فسبحان الرحمن

- We talked about safe playing outside. 

- More and more discussions and reminders about cleanliness.

- Our Costume Day was an outstanding day! I can not explain how happy the students were that day. We started the day with some fun games in gym with Tr. Hiat, Made some body movements showing off our costumes while listening to nasheeds, painted pictues on student's hands and faces with body paint, sprayed some party spray, and had some yummy dessert, Alhamdulialh.

- Our PD Day was great Alhamdulilah. Teachers took their CPR certification, learned how to make masks for drama, and attended a workshop about bullying.

- Jazakum Allahu Khyran to all the parents who contributed to the Sadaqa food bank.May Allah accept form all of you.

- Thanks to all the parents who sent me their new gmail accounts.

Mathematics الحساب:
- We integrated robots with the learning of the Square shape. Student's drawings were catchy!

Coming up:

- All About me presentations (November 23-30)
- Friday, December 4 is Parent-Teacher Interviews Day. Early dismissal for students. An e-mail will follow.
- Spirit Day #2 (Green and White Day) on Thursday, November .

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!

Wednesday 18 November 2015

A Message from Tr. Nesrin

Assalamo alaikom dear parents,

Please encourage your child to keep reciting the following suras that we have covered ( AL-Fateha, AL-Nas, AL-Falaq, AL-Ikhlas). Now we are working on surat Al-Masad.

The students enjoyed watching this link. Please ask your child ( what should we say when we see something beautiful?).

Inline image 2Inline image 1

Jazakom Allah khairan

Sunday 15 November 2015

All about Me (Likes and Dislikes) Presentations

November 15,2015

Dear Parents,

We are wrapping up our theme “All about me كل شيء عني” with a homework project. I am asking you to help your child arrange a few drawings, items, photographs, or magazine pictures that depict your child’s interests( What he/she likes or dislikes of things they learned how to say in Arabic).  Please help your child attach the pictures or photos within the small text boxes in the Bristol board we are going to provide the students with or you can provide your own poster and decorate it the way you and your child desire. It is important to encourage active participation from your child in getting the poster ready. This activity will provide the children with the opportunity to discover common interests with new classmates. It also provides the children with the opportunity to recognize that all people have likes and dislikes and that people are alike and different in many ways. 
Through the following weeks, each child will have the opportunity to share their poster with the class. During this time, I will be encouraging the children to verbally say: “السلام عليكم أصدقائي، أنا إسمي ......، أنا عمري 4 سنوات، هذا أنا (صورة)، لون عيني ...............، لون شعري............، هذه عائلتي (صورة أو رسمة)، أنا سعيد، أنا أحب ...........، أنا لا أحب.......... ".  
“ Assalamu Alikum my friends, My name is ………….., I am ………… years old, This is me(Student’s picture), The color of my eyes is………….., the color of my hair is……….., This is my family (a picture or drawing of the family), I am happy, I like…………., I do not like.
Students can list more than one thing in their likes or dislikes text box.
We will begin sharing our presentations on November 23rd, Insha’Allah. Please note that students will start their regular show and tell presentations right after we are done with ‘All about Me” presentations. I appreciate your help and cooperation.

Please check the attached:
-          Schedule for presentations.
-          How should the poster look like.
-          The rubricr

 Please post on your Fridge

All about Me Presentations (JK2- EALIP)


عبد الملك
مريم ف
مريم خ

صلاح الدين

Students presenting their posters

Samples for "All about Me" presentation posters

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!

Weekly Update (November 9-13)

Theme: My School مدرستي

وقل ربِّ زدني علماً    
and say, "My Lord, increase me in knowledge."

Language and Islamic Studies: اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية
- We have been talking about Cleanliness. Students are more helpful with cleaning the floors and tables now, Mashaa'Allah. One of our dear students was caught red handed! We were surprised to see him sweeping the hall way without us asking him. Masha'Allah!

- We are having a routine of reading the Calendar, telling the weather, singing new Nasheeds, and reading more and more story books everyday!

- We finished learning about the letter ج Alhamdulilah! (جنى، جبريل، جمل، جزر، جرس، جنّة). We made the craft ج جزر, and sang the song: ج ج جمل، أكل الجزر as we were working on the craft.

- Students started learning how to trace their names.

Physical Education الرياضة:
-  The students had fun doing gymnastics. They were running, jumping, and flipping on the gym mats.

- Our swimming field trip was really great. I am so proud of our students! They were doing amazing following all the coach's rules. They had so much fun! Some were sad they had to leave! A very big THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who dedicated thier time and effort to make the trip so easy to manage. May Allah reward you all!

English اللغة الإنجليزية:
- Tr. Hiat did the F for Fish craft with the students, read story books, and made the right and left hand craft to help students differentiate between their right and left hands.

Coming up:
- All About me presentations. An e-mail will follow.
- Please keep the weekly worksheets in the green folder home.
- Thursday, November 19 is custom day.
- Friday, November 20 is a PD Day. No school for students.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!