Tuesday 29 October 2013

Book fair

A letter from Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum The first Scholastic Book Fair of the school year is coming to our school this week! What better way to promote reading to our students than by supporting this important literary event! A book fair flyer will be sent home with your child on Monday, October 28, 2013. For more information on this exciting event, please go to www.abraarlibrary.com Sincerely,

Nancy-Ann Brethour,
Abraar School Librarian

Thursday 3 October 2013

Abraar 5th Annual Quran Competition

Abraar 5th Annual Quran Competition


Assalaamu Alaykum                                                                                                              Sep 30th 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians

·         It is with great pleasure to inform you of our 5th annual Quran Competition. The first round will be held in December 2013 Inshallah. (The final round will be in January 2014).

·         The Competition is optional and is open to all Abraar students. It will be divided into the following Grade- Surah groups:


Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq,and Al Ikhlas. (4Suras)
Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, Al Masad, Annasr, Al Kawther, Al Asr,  Al Feel and Quraish. (10 Suras)
Al Asr, Al Feel, Quraish, Al Kaferoon, Al Maoon, Al Homaza, Attakathor, Al Qareah, Al Adiat and Al Qadr. (10 Suras)
Al Zalzala, Atteen, Al Qadr, Al Alaq, Ashareh, Adduha, Allail, Ashams, Al Balad and Al Fajr. (10 Suras)
Al Gashia, Al Alla, Al Bayyana, Attariq, Al Borooj,AlInshiqaaq , and Al Mutafifeen . (7Suras)
Al Mutafifeen, Al Infitar, Atakweer, Abasa, Annaziaat, Annaba Al Mursalat, and Al Insan. (8 Suras)
 Al Insan, Al Qiama, Al Mudather, Al Mozzamel , Al Jinn and Nooh (6 Suras)
 Al Jinn, Nooh, Al Maarej, Al Haaqa Al Qalam and Al Mulk  . (6 Suras)
Al Qalam, Al Mulk, Attahreem, Attalaq, Al Monafiqoon and Attagabon. (6 Suras)
Al Hasher, Al Momtahena, Assaf, Al Jumoaah, Al Monafiqoon and Al Tagaboon. (6 Suras)
Surat Almujadalah and Surat Yaseen.

  • Registration: All entries must be registered with your Quran teacher and must be received by November 30th , 2013. (No registrations will be accepted past this date).
  • Judging Criteria: Students will be judged based on memorization, rules of recitation (Tajweed), voice quality, and voice clarity.
  • Prizes: First and Second places in each age group will receive valuable prizes Inshallah.
  • More details and information will follow and for any questions please contact Tr. Samia on Abraar’s phone or at starbah@abraarschool.com

Wassalamu Allikum

" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Abraar School Fifth Annual Quran Competition 2013/2014 – Registration Slip

Name:  ………………………………….…………………                                                   Grade: ………….


Parent’s Signature:      …………………………………………..

Monday 30 September 2013

All about me/ My body

Dear parents:

Alsalamu Alikum:

We covered the theme "my body" in September. the children had the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Every person is special
  • Everyone has a body with many parts
  • Our bodies can moves in many ways and do many things
  • Food, exercise, and sleep help our bodies grow
  • Fruits, vegetables, and milk  keep our bodies healthy

We talked about the following:

  • inside body parts
  • outside body parts
  • growth
  • health and safety
  • food
  • clothing
To reinforce the concepts we worked on at school, here are some things to do at home with your child:

  • Talk with your child about when he or she was a baby and how he or she has grown
  • Take "time for a rhyme." Rhyme words with names of body parts. like (heart, smart, chart. head, bed, red. hand, band, stand. feet, seat, treat. eye, pie, good-bye. ear, near, tear. knee, see, me.)
  • Let your child help you match socks on laundry day.
  • Take a walk, or exercise together.
  • Start a growth chart. If you already have one, talk about it together.
  • Talk with your children about healthy foods and food groups.
  • Help your child in choosing healthy snacks and lunches.
  • Talk to your children about safety. like (never talk to strangers, do not touch medicine or chemical products, do not touch sharp or fragile things.) 
Here are some pics of what we did together:


Letter from teacher Salam

Letter from teacher Salam

Last month we taught the students the following:
*The greeting (السلام عليكم).
*Nasheed (هل تعلمون تحيتي).
*How to hold the pencil, how to write from the top of the page to the bottom and how to write from right to left.
*The letter (Alif)’s shape and pronunciation through a story, colouring and tracing the letter.
Next we will be learning about the letter (Ba) and participating in related activities.
Tr. Salam beseiso

Monday 16 September 2013

                                                         Letter from Tr. Said

Dear Parents,

    My name is Mr.Said and your son/daughter is enrolled in my French class this year. I am looking forward to an exciting year. It is my goal to provide all students with an educationally challenging, yet fun, experience in my classroom. I will recognize the individuality of my students and will provide opportunities for each of them to experience success.

    I have extremely high expectations of all my students. I am asking for your help to maintain those expectations by checking with your son/daughter periodically to make sure that his/her work is being done. I am available to help students during my prep periods.

    I want you to know that one of my most important goals this year is to keep the lines of communication open with you.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at sfqih@abraarschool.com,  if you have any questions or concerns during the year.



French teacher.



Friday 13 September 2013

 Letter from teacher Sahar:
Sept. 13, 2013.
Dear Parents,
Assalamo Allikum.
My name is Sahar Ahmad. I am your child's Quran teacher. In this welcoming letter, I ask Allah Almighty to make this school year a successful one, and to help us make the Quran reach our children's tongues and hearts.
My utmost goal in my classroom is to make your child learn how to read the Quran properly Inshallah. Also, your child will be memorizing some Suras of the Quran. I will keep you informed of your child's progress as classes go into full swing.
Inshallah, with your help, support and feedback, you will notice a big difference in your child's Quran reciting. Please feel free to contact me through the school number.
Wassalamo Allikum
Sahar Ahmad (Quran teacher)

Letter from teacher Salam
Junior Kindergarten                                                          Sept.9, 2013


Asalamu Alaikum                                                                                                                                                                              

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the new school year. It is my pleasure to teach the Arabic language to the J.K. class. I strive to create an educational environment that is exciting and flexible to engage and keep the children interested in learning Arabic.

The curriculum this year will enable the students to learn the basics of the Arabic language by using different methods. These methods encourage eagerness to participate in class while learning in a fun, social and active context that feels psychologically comfortable and safe.

For our first term, we will, inshallah, cover the following:

·        cover the Arabic alphabets from Alif - Dal in shape and phonetic sound;

·        recognize pictures that start with letters learned in class;

·        practice proper penmanship skills;

·        make enjoyable crafts related to the letter being studied;

·        promote positive Islamic values;

·        improve  thinking skills ;

·        practice oral skills of communication.

Please follow up with your child and encourage him / her in Arabic studies. Together we can achieve great results. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at sbeseiso@abraarschool.com

Salam Beseiso

Arabic Language Teacher

September Welcome and Information Letter                                          

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                  September 3, 2013

Assalamu Alaikum                                                                        

A warm welcome to all of you! As our new school year gets underway, I hope that this letter will help you to know what to expect in Junior Kindergarten this year and answer any questions you may have. I am looking forward to working with your child this year and helping him/her to achieve his/her full potential.

I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through email, notes, telephone calls, blog, report cards, and parent-teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions at any time. You can send me a note with your child, or e-mail me at iduhman@abraarschool.com.You can also call me at the school office and leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

We will have a variety of activities in class that cover all domains of development, emotional, social, cognitive, physical and spiritual. We will participate in arts, crafts, nasheeds, songs, games, story time, study exercises, and indoor/outdoor physical activities. I will be sending the weekly schedule shortly along with the Quran curriculum insha’Allah.

During the first weeks I will get to know your child and will contact you if there are any concerns. Please note the following:

Toilet Training & Accidents Policy

Please note that your child must be completely toilet trained and is able to clean himself/herself to be in JK. In case of a wet accident, we will encourage your child to change into clean clothes, however you will be immediately contacted to come and help your child in case of a bowel movement accident. Our policy states that no teacher will physically clean a child.



Items your child will need (Make sure to label all of your child’s belongings with your child’s name or initials):

Ø  Change of clothes:

 In a large ziplock bag that is labeled with your child’s name. The bag should include: a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks. Please make sure that these items are suitable for all seasons so you don’t have to change them later on in the cold months.

Ø  Running shoes to be worn indoors only

These are to be kept in the class. Open toe shoes or sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.

Ø  A pillow and a small blanket for nap time

Ø  2 boxes of Kleenex

Ø  Wet flushable wipes to be used in the washroom (optional, please )

Ø  A hat for outdoor play

Ø  A backpack, and a lunch box

Ø  A hat to be worn during outdoor play

Ø  We have cots in the classroom (small beds for nap time) for the children’s use. We rent the cots for $20 for the year.


Please make sure all blankets, jackets, supplies and clothing are labeled clearly with your child’s name. Children have many similar items and they can easily get them mixed-up. The only way to tell them apart is if they are labeled.

The children will be going out for recess everyday unless it is raining or extremely cold. Please keep this in mind when helping your child to select clothing for the day.

Please provide your child with a healthy lunch and two snacks a day. Please do not send food with high levels of sugar such as cake, chocolate, soft drinks, etc. For the safety of all children, juices in glass containers are not permitted. Canned fruits/foods are also not permitted due to sharp edges found on the rim of the can after opening. Please use plastic containers.


Nuts Free Policy

Nuts or related products (including peanut butter or nutella) are not allowed in the school to protect the children with food related allergies. Please advise the school immediately if your child has any allergies.


I am looking forward to a great year working with your child! I know that working together we can make Junior Kindergarten a wonderful experience for your child insha’Allah!


Best Regards,

Iman Duhman

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Thursday 12 September 2013