Sunday 27 September 2015

Weekly Update (Sep 21-23)

Theme: Eid Al-Adha

Quran, Surah As-Saffat, Ayat 102
And when he reached the age of traveling with him, he said: 'My son, while I was sleeping I saw that I shall slaughter (sacrifice) you, tell me what is your opinion. ' He replied: 'Father, do as you are ordered (by Allah). Allah willing, you shall find me one of those who are steadfast. '

Eid Mubarak Everyone. May Allah accept form all of us, Insha'Allah.

We tried our best to make our dear students feel the Eid and its importance to the Muslims through the following:

- Sang many Eid Nasheeds using our toy drum.
- We made a sheep craft so make sure to take a look at it on our bulletin board.
- We discussed what Muslims do during the Eid celebration. Students shared what they know and what they are going to wear.
- Made the Eid Crown with glitters and pompoms.
- The students were given Eid loot bag full of goodies.

Beside the Eid Celebrations:

- Tr. Hiat made students color and decorated an Eid activity sheet with ribbons and colors.
- Tr. Ibtisam gave gifts besides teaching the Quran.
- Students are learning a lot of new Arabic words: قلم ، ورقة، فرشاة، ألوان، مقص، سجادة،  ... etc. (The words  are going to be repeated throughout the year, Insha'Allah).
- Students also worked on their fine motor skills by the following:
1- Learning how to hold scissors and cut straight lines.
2- Opened a free cutting station.
3- Learning how to grasp a pencil and start following a dotted line from right to left.

- Students have fun playing with the classroom's educational centers:

Coming Up:

Monday, September 28 is our Eid Celebration Field Trip to Midway.
Our Daily Schedule will be published here this week.
Friday, October 9 is a Professional Development Day so there will be no school for the student.  

Jazakum Allahu Khyran

Sunday 20 September 2015

Hajj Nasheed نشيد الحج

كلنا سنذهب إلى الحج، كلنا سنذهب إلى الحج
                            كلنا سنذهب ، كلنا سنذهب، كلنا سنذهب إلى الحج.

سنلبس الأبيض في الحج، سنلبس الأبيض في الحج
                            سنلبس الأبيض، سنلبس الأبيض، سنلبس الأبيض في الحج.

سنطوف حول الكعبة  سبع مرات، سنطوف حول الكعبة سبع مرات

             سنطوف حول الكعبة ، سنطوف حول الكعبة، سنطوف حول الكعبة سبع مرات.

سنسعى بين الصفا والمروة ، سنسعى بين الصفا والمروة
              سنسعى بين الصفا ، سنسعى بين الصفا ، سنسعى بين الصفا والمروة.

سنشرب ماء زمزم، سنشرب ماء زمزم
                         سنشرب ماء، سنشرب ماء، سنشرب ماء زمزم.

سنرمي الجمرات على الشيطان، سنرمي الجمرات على الشيطان
                       سنرمي الجمرات، سنرمي الجمرات، سنرمي الجمرات على الشيطان.

سنقف بجبل عرفات ، سنقف بجبل عرفات
                         سنقف بجبل، سنقف بجبل، سنقف بجبل عرفات.

سنذبح الأضحية في الحج، سنذبح الأضحية في الحج
                          سنذبح الأضحية ، سنذبح الأضحية ، سنذبح الأضحية في الحج.

                                  مااااااااااااااء ... مااااااااااااااااااء :)

A Message from Tr. Nancy!

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum

Weekly Update (Sep. 14-18)

Theme: Hajj الحج

وَأَذِّنْ فِي النَّاسِ بِالْحَجِّ يَأْتُوكَ رِجَالًا وَعَلَىٰ كُلِّ ضَامِرٍ يَأْتِينَ مِنْ كُلِّ فَجٍّ عَمِيقٍ
Hence, [O Muhammad,] proclaim thou unto all people the [duty of] pilgrimage: 37  they will come unto thee on foot and on every [kind of] fast mount, 38  coming from every far-away point [on earth],

- The students entrance into the classroom is becoming smoother. Less separation anxieties, less crying, and more smiles are occurring, Alhamdulilah!
- Students were encouraged to work with some materials to strengthen their fine motor skills.

Circle time:

- The stories of Zamzam water, building the Kabaa, and the vision of prophet Ibrahim were read to our students.
- The Hajj nasheed was repeated with actions as well as some other educational nasheeds.
- We practiced the carpet rules, repeated classroom rules, and introduced the duties of the daily boy's and girl's leaders.
- We modeled where, when and how students change form indoor to outdoor shoes.

- Tr. Ibtisam  (the Quran teacher) started teaching Istiaatha and Basmala while playing some fun games with the students.


- Tr. Hiat  (the English teacher) started her amazing felt board story telling, nasheeds, and fun activity sheets.

- Tr. Said  (the French teacher) started practicing the basic greeting sentences, counting, coloring through games and songs.

- Tr. Nancy  (the librarian) warmly welcomed our students and informed them of the story time rules, how to borrow a book, and she sang some songs with them.

- Students colored a Kaba using crayons and gold glitter.
- We made a sheep craft. Students had fun making and playing with it!

- Students practiced gym rules, played امشي، توقف، اجري game, and learned how to play with soccer and basketballs carefully.

-  Please remember to bring indoor shoes with your child.
- Please remember to pack a spoon/fork with your child's lunch.
- No glass containers to be sent to school, please!
- We are finalizing modifying our daily schedule. It will be sent to you as soon as it is fixed.

Coming up:
- Eid celebration at Abraar School.
- Eid trip to Cosmic Adventure.

Sunday 13 September 2015

First Week of School Update (Sep. 8-11)

The first week of school went by smooth and easy, Alhamdulilah. Some of our students were very ready and excited for school, some made us feel they know what to do with everything in the classroom, Masha'Allah, and others were having difficulty separating from their parents. We are hoping that, Insha'Allah, by the end of next week all students will be adjusted and getting familiar with the school's rules and routine.

What was covered:

- On the first weeks of school teachers focus on getting the students familiar with the classroom. We want our students to feel safe and secure, not afraid to leave their parents and stay with us, as well as loving coming to school everyday. All that needs sometime, so please bear with us!

- Students started discovering classroom centers and games.

- We started working on student's fine motor skills ( Laces and buttons, clips and pompoms...ect).

- We learned some greeting and goodbye sentences:

السلام عليكم - كيف الحال؟  - مع السلامة

- We taught the children some key words in Arabic:

حمام washroom - ماء water - أولاد boys - بنات girls - اجلس sit - قف stand

- We sang some songs to help students follow classroom rules and routines:

دَ.... دَ..... دَائِرَة ، حُلْوَة جَميلَة مُدَوَّرَة 
(C..C...Circle, Everybody nice circle)

اجْلِس، اجْلِس، اجْلِس، اجْلِس، قِف ،  قِف،  قِف
تَحَرَّك، تَوَقَف 
دُر، دُر، دُر
(Sit down, stand, move, stop, turn around)

- We did some coloring, pasting, and hand printing.

- We read some simple books in Arabic (أنا أسمع/ I hear, يا ليتني كلب/ A cat wishes to be a dog. لم أكن أقصد/ I did not mean to.

- Tr. Ibtisam (The Quran teacher) started some simple Quranic games with the students. JAK!

How can you help?

- I know how much parents are worried about their little ones and would like to know everything happens inside the classroom. That is a good thing, but the teacher can not answer all parent's questions at the door. Please send me an e-mail to if you would like to ask about anything or when you have a specific concern. I will approach you or send you an e-mail if there is something specific accrued and you need to be aware of it.

- Starting from Monday, Sep. 14 school will start at 8:05 and end at 3:15. From 3:15-3:45 students will wait for their parents inside the classroom. After 3:45 students will go to the after school program. We are kindly asking you to wait for your child outside the classroom. Once we notice you, we will send your child to you. NO PARENTS ALLOWED INSIDE THE CLASSROOM AT PICK UP TIME, PLEASE!

- The video below is a fun and educational video to watch with your child and learn some Arabic sentences for beginners:

You can also subscribe to my youtube channel to watch more videos:

Jazakum Allahu Khyran

Please remember me, Tr. Nagwa, Tr. Heba in your Duaa'.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Happy New School Year 2015-2016

Welcome, students!

It is our great pleasure to have you in our Junior Kindergarten Arabic Immersion Class!

Looking forward to a year filled with fun, love, and excitement.

Junior Kindergarten Team
Teachers Nermin, Nagwa, and Heba