Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekly Update (January 5-9)

Mini Theme of the week: Prophet Mohammed’s Birth”

لقد من الله على المؤمنين إذ بعث فيهم رسولا من أنفسهم يتلو عليهم آياته ويزكيهم ويعلمهم الكتاب والحكمة وإن كانوا من قبل لفي ضلال مبين (آل عمران 168)
Translation:  Allah did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them a messenger from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of Allah, sanctifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error.

Arabic Language اللغة العربية:
- Since it is the month of Moharram now, we took advantage of it and talked about the biography of the prophet PBUH and the day he was born which is on 12th of Rabei’ Al-Awwal as reported by a majority of scholars.
- Students reviewed the letters (أ – د) through different activities.
- JK team are so impressed with the ideas of Show and Tell the students come up with, Masha’Allah. Please note that this week’s show and tell (Jan 12-15) will be about the word and picture students worked on during the winter break, so no need to send anything for show and tell with your child.
- We have been reading many books in Arabic to enrich the Arabic vocabulary of the students.

Science العلوم:
Students worked on identifying the different properties of various materials such as wood, metal and plastic and check their bending property. Students learned the words يَنْحَني  and يَنْكَسِرْ while discovering the result of bending the materials.
-          Students recorded their answers in their worksheet that was sent home of Friday.

Arts الفنون:
-  Students listened to the story of the prophet Mohammed PBUH and learned the Nasheed محمد نَبِينَا.
- They had fun making a tree and pasting 6 facts about Prophet Mohammed PBUH (His name, mother’s name, father’s name, uncle’s name, Nanny’s name and his tribe/last name). اسمه ، اسم أبوه، اسم أمه، اسم عمه، اسم مرضعته ، اسم قبيلته.

Mathematics: الحِساب:
-          Students were taught the name of the triangle shape in Arabic مُسْتَطِيل through different physical and mental activities. We sang the مُسْتَطِيل  song:
مسـتـَ ، مسـتـَ، مُسْتَطِيل، مُسْتَطِيل، مُسْتَطِيل مُسْتَطِيل،
مسـتـَ ، مسـتـَ، مُسْتَطِيل، هوَ طَويل
مسـتـَ ، مسـتـَ، مُسْتَطِيل، مُسْتَطِيل، مُسْتَطِيل مُسْتَطِيل،
مسـتـَ ، مسـتـَ، مُسْتَطِيل، هوَ جَميل

What is new?
-          Marble Jar: students by now have a decent amount of vocabulary words in Arabic that can help them form sentences. We thought of using the marble jar idea to motivate students to talk in Arabic. Every time a student says a full sentence in Arabic will earn a marble and will come and place in in the empty jar. Once the jar is full, JK2 will earn a party to celebrate their success.
-          Borrowing Arabic Books from the Classroom:  Since students have limited access to Arabic story books from outside the school, I thought of lending students an Arabic book every Tuesday along with the English book they borrow form the library and read it with their parents at home. You are requested to kindly take extra care of the books since we only have one copy of each book and they are considered as collection items for us.
-          Roots of Empathy: A detailed e-mail will be sent about this new program, Insha’Allah.

·         Thursday, January 15 is dress like your parent day.
·         Friday is PD day for teachers. No school for students.
·         Kindly send an empty toilet paper roll with your child.

Special Thanks شُكْرٌ خَاص:
-          Special thanks to sisters Naaz and Karin (Noorah and Adam’s mothers) for donating educational materials in Arabic to be used in our classroom. We are benefiting a lot form them, Alahamdulilah. Jazakum Allahu Khyran!

- Many thanks to sister Nadia (Shanza's mother) for volunteering and helping with organizing our classroom library. Jazaki Allahu Khyran.