Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekly Update. February (23-27).

Theme: At School في المدرسة

Arabic Language اللغة العربية:

- We have been talking about our school مدرسة الأبرار, our classroom صف الروضة, and the importance of reading أهمية القراءة.
- We learned the letter ص (صالح، صفية، صدقة، صندوق، صحن، صلاة، صاروخ). Students learned about giving Sadaqa to the poor.
- We started the first session of the Roots of Empathy program.
- Teacher Sahar and I started thinking of giving privileges to students. One of them is to choose a student to participate in the morning assembly with the whole school in the gym. Students are very excited about that, Alhamdulilah. 

Arts الفنون:

-          Students made paper back backpack and filled it with school supplies colored and cut all by themselves.

Mathematics: الحِساب:

-       Learned the oval and diamond shapes (البيضوي و المُعين).

Science العلوم::

-          Learned about water absorbing properties امتصاص الماء.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!