Sunday, 13 March 2016

Latest updates (Feb 22 - March 11)

Have a great March Break!

Language and Islamic Studies: اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامي

- This month's character trait is Diversity and it was the two JK student's turn to perform in front of the whole school about it. JK2 students performed a song called 'where are you from' من أين أنت؟ while holding their country's flags. They performed really well, Alhamdulilah! We also helped in decorating the character trait's bulletin board facing the gym. Please take a look at it!

- Student's led conferences went well, Alahmdulilah. Thanks to all the parents who showed up and took the time to listen to their children talk about their work.

- Thank you to the Arabic Language team for giving us the opportunity to participate in the Arabic Language Festival. Our students enjoyed rotating around the 5 fun filled centers.

- Pins and certificates were given to the students who performed leadership well (last monthe's character trait).

- We read many (recently purchased) picture books...

- We finished learning the letters ، 

ضوء، ضفدع، ضياء ، ضحى 


طه، طائر، طريق


ظافر، ظل، ظرف، ظفر

- The students traced and colored all the lettes'، ط، ظ ض pictures in their work books.
- To facilitate the learning of the three letters, the studentslearned the following:
1- first two ayas from surat الضحىوالضحى ، والليل إذا سجى
2- The story of prophet Mohammed PBUH and the little boy and his bird.
3- How to make shadows ظل.

Quran القرآن:
- All the participants of the Quran competition received a medal and Salma Alnader is the one chosen to move to the next round on the stage, Insha'Allah. Great Job everyone!

- Teaching Surat Alfeel, Teacher Nisreen made the students participate in an activity about the story of the Surah. JAK teacher Nisreen for making our little ones have so much fun!

French اللغة الفرنسية:

Asslam alikum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman.

Below are some updates from our 
French class.

·   We are still working in - activités du préscolaire -  We covered more letters ( H – I – J – K – L- M- N  ).
·   We learned the sound of these letters.
·  In addition we are learning new words :   Hibou – Igloo -  Jupe -  Kiwi – Lion – Miel -  Nez  )

·  We read the following stories: S’en aller – Au magasin -  Chiot joueur . ou est mon chien?

·  Les contraires – jeu de cartes –

·  Gesture teaching and review.

·  Play rehearsal with the Big Book and gesture and learned characters of story: Marie, le policier – Minuit – le chef – Suzanne.

·    We learned numbers 1 to 20 using - J'apprends à compter de 1- 20.

·   Review the song ( il y a 7 jours , lundi le pemier , mardi vient après , mercredi et jeudi, après c’est vendredi, la fin de semaine ,c’est le samedi  et dimanche).

French Alphabet

French numbers

Other useful links

Jazaka allah Khairan 


Arts and Crafts الفنون والأعمال اليدوية: 
- The students enjoyed making the craft for the letter ض 

- They also made an envelope (ظ ظرف ) and place a gift for mom ( a necklace) inside.

- The students had a great time making and playing with goo!

Mathematics: الحساب:
- We started a new topic in Math " Identifying, extending, and creating patterns".
 Science العلوم:
We started talking about the signs of spring. The students tried to make trees and flowers using natural and artificial art tools.


Coming up:
- March break (March 14-18)
- Field Trip to the Museum of History (March 30).

Jazakum Allahu Khyran.