Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Quran Update

Assalamo Alaikom dear parents,

I hope you are all doing very well and Ramadan Kareem. Alhamdulellah, we finished the JK Quraan curriculum ( Surat AL-Fatiha, AL-Ikhlas, AL-Falaq. AL-Nas,AL-Masad,AL-Nasr, AL-Kawthar, AL-Maoun, Qyraish, AL-Feel, AL-Humazah, and AL-Asr). 

We are working now till the end of the year on revising these suras with tajweed rules and  clear pronunciation. Please, help your child keep reciting them as much as they can, listening to a CD or  USB in the car, at bed time, and download Quraan application for children. Your effort is very important to help them not to forget these suras for next year.

JAK and wish you a happy Ramadan🌛🌛

Nisreen Zahida