Monday, 21 November 2016

Bi-Weekly Update (October 31- November 18)

Things we covered:

- The students reviewed the letters أ، ب، ت، ث using art tools.

- We learned how to identify the letter ج and made the ج جمل craft. Please check our bulletin board display.

- We have been exploring new movements and playing some new games during our gym time.

- We have been investigating the some sinking and floating materials.
- The students were exploring the life cycles in some living things. We learned about human life cycles and made a booklet for our friend Raya's new born baby brother. Congratulations to the family!
- We learned the number 5 and made a hand craft with 5 fingers to count. Boys added a watch to on the wrest and girls painted the nails with real nail polish!

 -We reviewed the reading and counting of the numbers 1-5. The students counted the numbers and drew pictures from their own imagination to match the numbers.
- Shaving cream is one thing the students enjoy playing with. We use it for art and crafts.

- The parent-teacher interviews went really well. JAK to all your feedback and continuous support.

Book Hunting:
Great News!
We are going to start using an Arabic Reading Website to help the students read Arabic at home (A version of RAZ kids in Arabic). I will be sending the password to every student this week, Insha'Allah.

Activities to do at home:
Fill a container with water and let your child choose some items around the house and test if they are sinking or floating. You can watch the video below for further clarification:
Help me review:
A message from teacher Sahar:
Assalamu alaicum Dear Parents,
The students are working on  Surat Al-Falaq
Please help your child to memorize it.
Sing Along With Me:
The colors song:
The numbers Song:
My Arabic Words:

خريف،  صيف،  ربيع،  شتاء

Thanks to: 
Maysaan's parents for purchasing a puppet theater for our classroom. May Allah reward you.

Coming Up:
- Tuesday, November 22 is a dress up costume day. 
- Thursday, November 24 is a Field Trip.
- Wednesday, November 30 is a spirit day (Yellow-Mellow Day).