Sunday 12 February 2017

Latest Updates

Things we covered:

-The students now are be able to.

1- recognize the letters خ- ش.

2- Know their 2D shapes (دائرة، مربع، مثلث، مستطيل، قلب، نجمة، بيضوي), and Canadian Coins.

3- use recycled items to make crafts.

4- present their show and tell.
Cupcake Making
Erupting volcano
5- know some skills about cooking and baking, and about the tools used in the kitchen.


 6- name some sea animals in Arabic.

7- participate in different spirit days.
Silly Socks Day

Pyjama Day

Dress like your favorite cartoon character
International Day

8-learn about "Winter and Hibernation" through science experiments (Mini Science Explore Workshop).

9-Participate in daily physical activity and learn about team sports.

10- use their helping hands to help others.

Book Hunting:
- Help your child read books about sea animals, and 2D shapes.

Activities to do at home:
- Enjoy baking cookies, cupcakes, or cakes with your child.
- Go for a walk and find 2D shapes around your area.
- Build a snowman, skate, or even play hockey with your child if you can.

Help me review:
-Surat Al-Kawthar.
- 2D shapes.
- Arabic Alphabet أ-ش, English Alphabet A-P, and French Alphabet A-N.
- Bendable and breakable objects, and Kitchen tools used in Baking.

Sing Along With Me, or Listen to me Recite:
- Sea animals song:
- Ayatul Kursi آية الكرسي before bed time (Now we are reciting the last 2 Ayas of Suratul Baqara before nap time).
- The Duaa' for sleep باسمك اللهم أموت وأحيا.

Thanks to: 
-Rzan's parents for purchasing a smart T.V. for our classroom. 
-Daniah's parents for purchasing a smart T.V. for JK1 Classroom (Teacher Hiat's).
- Tulin's parents for purchasing a new built in computer for our classroom.
- Hamza's father for purchasing a new software  for the new computer, and for his time and effort in installing and downloading new programs/apps for the students to use.
- Rzan and Lillyanne's mothers for volunteering and helping in our classroom.
- All the parents who helped their children finish the 2D shapes booklet.
May Allah reward you and shower you all with his blessings and mercy!
Thank you :)

Coming Up:
- Friday, February 17 is the  "Seminar on Teaching and Learning: Preparing Muslim K-12 Students for the 21st Century". No school for students.
- Monday, February 20 is Family day, School is closed.
- Wednesday, February 22 is the field trip day to the museum of nature. Please note that we only need 3 volunteers and they will be the first 3 parents to register.
- Report Cards.
- Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran,
JK2 Team