Monday, 30 September 2013

All about me/ My body

Dear parents:

Alsalamu Alikum:

We covered the theme "my body" in September. the children had the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Every person is special
  • Everyone has a body with many parts
  • Our bodies can moves in many ways and do many things
  • Food, exercise, and sleep help our bodies grow
  • Fruits, vegetables, and milk  keep our bodies healthy

We talked about the following:

  • inside body parts
  • outside body parts
  • growth
  • health and safety
  • food
  • clothing
To reinforce the concepts we worked on at school, here are some things to do at home with your child:

  • Talk with your child about when he or she was a baby and how he or she has grown
  • Take "time for a rhyme." Rhyme words with names of body parts. like (heart, smart, chart. head, bed, red. hand, band, stand. feet, seat, treat. eye, pie, good-bye. ear, near, tear. knee, see, me.)
  • Let your child help you match socks on laundry day.
  • Take a walk, or exercise together.
  • Start a growth chart. If you already have one, talk about it together.
  • Talk with your children about healthy foods and food groups.
  • Help your child in choosing healthy snacks and lunches.
  • Talk to your children about safety. like (never talk to strangers, do not touch medicine or chemical products, do not touch sharp or fragile things.) 
Here are some pics of what we did together: