Friday, 13 September 2013

Letter from teacher Salam
Junior Kindergarten                                                          Sept.9, 2013


Asalamu Alaikum                                                                                                                                                                              

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the new school year. It is my pleasure to teach the Arabic language to the J.K. class. I strive to create an educational environment that is exciting and flexible to engage and keep the children interested in learning Arabic.

The curriculum this year will enable the students to learn the basics of the Arabic language by using different methods. These methods encourage eagerness to participate in class while learning in a fun, social and active context that feels psychologically comfortable and safe.

For our first term, we will, inshallah, cover the following:

·        cover the Arabic alphabets from Alif - Dal in shape and phonetic sound;

·        recognize pictures that start with letters learned in class;

·        practice proper penmanship skills;

·        make enjoyable crafts related to the letter being studied;

·        promote positive Islamic values;

·        improve  thinking skills ;

·        practice oral skills of communication.

Please follow up with your child and encourage him / her in Arabic studies. Together we can achieve great results. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

Salam Beseiso

Arabic Language Teacher