Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Living and Non-living Things

Assalamu Alikum Dear Parents,

Today Junior Kindergartners enjoyed the living and non-living things lesson by observing a live guinea pig! I'd like to thank Teacher Jessica for bringing in her pet guinea pig named Leo to the class. The students got to observe first hand a living creature, which was tied into today's lesson.

They enjoyed feeding him while singing the living things song. The song, which was sung in Arabic, is identical to the French  version, which is FRERE JACQUES. 

We focused on 3 words in the song. They are typed in red in the song.

هو يأكل، هو يشرب، يتنفس، يتنفس

هو هو حي 
هو هو حي 

يتنفس يتنفس

We will continue talking about the living and non-living things tomorrow, Insha'Allah and answer a working sheet.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran