Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September's Expectations

Theme: All about Me

For the month of September students are expected to do the following:

1-      Personal and Social Development:
-          Complete activities to show information about themselves and their families. (Name, age, School, Family members, Classmates, likes and dislikes, etc.)
2-      Language Arts:
-          Follow instructions to complete language based tasks.
-          Follow directions in target language (Arabic). (Classroom rules and routines, action verbs, etc.).
-          Recite theme related Nasheeds.

3-      Mathematics:
-          Compare, sort and classify objects according to different attributes (Size, shape, colors,etc).
4-      Science and Technology:
-          Identify and sort living and non-living things.
-          Explore the life cycle of some living things (butterfly, frog, hen, etc.).

5-      Health and Physical Activity:
-          Identify basic body needs. (Eating, drinking, sleeping, etc).

6-      The Arts:
-          Explore a variety of tools used in art making. (Crayons, pencils, markers, paint brushes, etc.).
-          Demonstrate an understanding of primary colors. (Red, yellow, and blue).

7-      Islamic Studies:
-          Recite morning Quran (Al Fatiha).
-          Practice reciting the daily Duaa’s. (Eating, Washroom, Sleeping and leaving the house).

8-      Culminating Task (Project):

-          Likes and dislikes presentations.