Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bi-Weekly Update ( May 9-27)

Mini theme: Allah created Space الله خلق الفضاء

Language and Islamic Studies: اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلام:

- We started talking about space and how Allah SWT beautifully created the solar system. I was amazing about the amount of knowledge some of our students  have about space!

- The students know how to identify, trace and think of words that have the ل and ك sounds:
(ل  (لحم، ليمون، لسان، ليل، لؤلؤ  
(ك  (كتاب، كلب،كعبة، كرسي، 
Instead of making a craft about the letter ل. We made a meat barbecue that shaped like the letter (ل (لحم. It was a nice experience, Alhamdulilah.


- Community Day was very successful. Thanks to teachers Hiat and Asma for arranging it. The students had so much fun learning about the jobs of a veterinarian, a fighter fighter, and a safety officer.


- Our field trip to Valley View Little Animal Farm went very well, Alhamdulilah. Our dear students got the opportunity to watch a video about the animals in the farm, feed the animals in the barn, and play in the play structure.

- Bike Rodeo was another successful event, Alhamdulilah. It was a very successful event. Jazakum Allahu Khyran to Khadeeja's mother, Sami' grandmother, Sidra's dad, Zayd's mother, and Taha's mother for volunteering. May Allah reward you all.


- Another great event was the French Cafe. JAK to teacher's Said and Tr. Ameena for organizing it. Our students enjoyed the yummy treats very much, Alhamdulilah.

 Science العلوم:

- We invistigated different materials to check which materials are bendable and which ones are breakable. The students were encouraged to take a zip lock bag and search for one thing that is bendeble and another one taht is breakable.

This is the link that we used for surat AL-HUMAZA activity, The story should be at the last third (The Unfair man and the mouse)

There is also an application for teaching children Quraan that I would recommend you to use, especially during Summer hoiliday to keep practicing the suras that we finished:
تعليم القرآن الكريم للشيخ العفاسي

Arts and Crafts الفنون والأعمال اليدوية:

Children have been having a blast learning about the solar system. We bought a Solar System kit (Foam balls), we painted them as a class, then we placed them around the sun so that the students can compare the size of the planets to the size sun, and learn which planets are located closer or farther away from the sun.

Coming up:

-Kindergarten Family Fun Potluck (Friday, June 3rd),

- Kindergarten Summer Fun Days. Thanks to teacher Safiah for making the below colorful flyer :)
Jazakum Allahu Khyran