Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bi-weekly Newsletter (October 17-28)

Things we covered:

- We started reading our Hijri Calendar, checking for the weather, and reading the daily Duaa's.
- We discussed the fall season and went on a walk to explore the signs of fall. 

- The students have been practicing recognizing and reading their names. We also started tracing them as well as decorating them with straws.
- The school's "Green Day" was a fun day. Thanks for sending your child to school dressed in green and white.

- The letter Thaa' was introduced to the students ث (ثوب، ثوم، ثعبان،ثور، ثلج) ث
- We learned the number 4 (أربعة هي أطرافي).
- We started our first lesson in the life cycles unit (life cycle of a butterfly). We made a life cycle of a butterfly craft with pasta, but we are still working on coloring it.
- The students were introduced to game of floor hockey. We talked about how the game is played, the equipment needed to play the game, and the rules. The kids enjoyed the game. 

- Congratulations to the students who won the Kindness certificate for this month's character trait.
Book Hunting:
Great News!
We are going to start using an Arabic Reading Website to help the students read Arabic at home (A version of RAZ kids in Arabic). Further information will be shared with parents later.
A very big JAK to teacher Ghada (SK) for finding the website.

Activities to do at home:

Help your child have some fun decorating his/her own name:

Help me review:
Surat Al-Fatiha
Surat Al-Ikhlaas
The first lesson of Al-Qaida AlNuraniyya

Sing Along With Me:
The seasons in Arabic:

My Arabic Words:





- Please remember to send the library books back to school every Monday.
- Please remember to send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather. As for now, the children need a warm jacket, a hat, and a pair of mittens.
- Kindly note that homework is optional. Please do not force your child to do the homework.
- Please avoid sending chips and chocolates to school as a snack for your child. We are trying to encourage the students to have healthy eating habits.

Thanks to: Razan's parents for donating rewarding Arabic stickers.

Coming Up:
Friday, November 18 is a PD Day in the morning. The same day in the afternoon will be Parent-Teacher Interviews for assigned students only.