Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Junior Kindergarten Homework Letter

October 8, 2014
Junior Kindergarten Homework Letter
Dear Parents,
We will be assigning homework because we believe it is important that students begin to develop good homework habits in the early grades. Also, homework gives us a way to have students practice what is taught in class.

We will assign homework Friday through Wednesday. Every Friday homework will be sent home and is expected to be returned on Wednesday in the folder provided. If there is no school on Fridays students will receive their homework on Thursdays instead. A record will be kept of all homework returned on time for each child; however the homework will not be graded nor recorded on the report card.

Please ensure your child uses a pencil (not a pen) to complete his or her homework. All pictures are to be colored (with crayons only) even if the directions do not specify coloring. Please do not use markers.

Reading to your child on a daily basis is required and highly recommended. You can start a routine of making reading part of your child’s homework. I also suggest you take the time to visit the library on a regular basis with your child. You can create a separate library card for your child so he or she will feel it is their responsibility to read and take care of the books. I would like to inform you that the public library has an amazing variety of Arabic books. Even if you are not a speaker of the Arabic language, you can still ask your child to point out the letters/words they learned at school.

We encourage parents to praise their child’s work each night. We do believe that parent’s words of support are the single most important way to motivate children to do well in school.

If your child is having difficulty completing the homework or think the homework requires longer time to do, we ask that you take a few moments to review the related skills.

Please note the following:
-          Green folder is for student's school work (what they do in class). Students need to keep the work sheets at home.
-          Red folder is for homework (English and Arabic). Please keep weekly checked homework at home.
-          Orange folder is for French homework.
Please do not hesitate to share any suggestions and/or comments with me by e-mail.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran