Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekly Update

October 14 - October 17,2014

Arabic Language:

- Mash'Allah, students are starting to use their Arabic words in the classroom.
- We read the Calendar and weather everyday. Nasheeds like سبعة سبعة ، شهور الإسلام، ما هو الطقس اليوم are easing the process of reading the calendar.
- Learned how to recognize, trace and pronounce the letter "Baa'" (بلال، بيت، بطة، برتقال، بيض، بطيخ).
- Memorized some Nasheeds (قشر موزة، العنكبوت الصغير،أعضاء الجسم ، ان كنت سعيد، الله ربي، اجلس قف....).
- Read some story books to help enriching vocabulary.
- Learned how to to respond to: Assalamu Alikum, How are you?, What is your name?, What is your mom's name?, what is  your dad's name? what do you need?

English Language (Tr. Hiat):

- Learned new nasheeds.
- Read some story books and some were on the felt board.
- Participated in daily discussions.
- Started learning the letter B. Recognizing, tracing and pronouncing

- Learned number 1. Worked on number 1 worksheet.
- Tr. Hiat, Jazaha Allahu Khyran is helping a lot in building student's social skills, Mash'Allah.

French Language (Tr. Said):

- Learned some action verbs from Tr. Said, Jazahu Allahu Khyran.
- Watched the play ( La Poul Maboul).
- Started learning the letter B. Recognizing, tracing and pronouncing. 
- Learned the words that start with A (Arbr, Anana and Avion)
- Learned the words that start with B (Banan, Ballon and Babe).

Quran (Tr. Sahar):

Masha'Allah, Students did very well in Surat AlFatiha test that took place on Tuesday.

Teacher Sahar, Jazaha Allahu Khyran, Started working on Surat Annas with our dear JK2 class.

Library (Tr. Nancy):

- Story telling with Tr. Nancy is so much fun, Masha'Allah!
- Students are so excited about borrowing books from the library. Please remember to return the books every Tuesday.


- Students are doing amazing recognizing the 6 colors of our tables (أحمر، أبيض، أصفر، أزرق، برتقالي ، أخضر).
- Counting to 30.
- Learned new nasheed about numbers.
- Learned how to count number 1.


- Continuing in our Living and Non-Living things lesson students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly through the following:
- Watching a video about the life cycle of the butterfly.
- Listened to The Very Hungry Caterpillar's  story.
- Observed 2 live Woolly Bear Caterpillars moving.
- Answering a worksheet about the life Cycle of a butterfly.
-New Vocabulary (بيضة، يرقة، شرنقة، فراشة)


-Started working on all about me book.( Draw one's self, print hand, write name...etc.).

JK2 Team
 Nermin, Nagwa and Heba