Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last Week's Update (Sep. 29-Oct.2)

Hajj Week

Arabic Language:

- Practiced classroom rules and routines in Arabic.
- Learned how to to respond to: What is your mom's name?
- Started learning how to read the calendar.
- Started learning about the weather.
- Learned how to recognize, trace and pronounce the letter "Alif" (Allah - Adam - Amira- Arnab).
- Memorized some Nasheeds (Pillars of Islam, We will all go to Makkah on the Hajj, Allah is my god).
- Read some story books to help enriching vocabulary.( Hajj Pillars, Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns, أجمل رحلة في العالم).
- Learned the word خروف (sheep).
- Colored Eid Card (عيد سعيد).

English Language (Tr. Hiat):

- Learned how to respond to greetings.
- Learned circle time manners.
- Learned new nasheeds.
- Read some story books and some were on the felt board.
- Participated in discussion regarding Eid and Hajj.
- Made Eid Card.
- Started learning the letter A. Recognizing, tracing and pronouncing

French Language (Tr. Said):

- Learned how to respond to greetings.
- Learned some action verbs.
- Started learning the letter A. Recognizing, tracing and pronouncing. 

Quran (Tr. Sahar):

A Message from Tr. Sahar.
Assalamu alaikum Dear Parents,

Now they are memorizing surat “ Al-Fatiha”. We are doing good Masha'Allah.
Please help your child at home, by practicing and reviewing the surah.
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation and support.
                                                                                                               Tr. Sahar

Library (Tr. Nancy):

- Learned library manners.
- Listened to stories.
- P.S. A note from Tr. Nancy will be distributed to inform you about the policy of borrowing books from the library.


- Learned the circle shape. الدائرة
- Students are doing amazing recognizing the 6 colors of our tables (Green, red, white, yellow, orange and blue).
- Counting to 10.
- Learned new nasheed about numbers.
- Learned how to identify number 1.


- Learned about living and non-living things.
- Observed a live snail moving.
- learned the living nasheed.

Islamic Studies:

- Practiced reciting the eating, washroom and sleeping Duaa's.
- Talked generally about the 5 pillars of Islam.
- Participated in the Hajj Workshop.


 -  Participated in painting the pillars of Hajj (Displayed on the bulletin board).
- Made sheep using a variety of art tools. (Displayed on the bulletin board).
- Made an Eid toy. (Sheep puppet)

JK2 Team
 Nermin, Nagwa and Heba