Saturday, 25 April 2015

Weekly Update (April 20-24)

Theme: في المزرعة  Farm Animals

قال تعالى"أولم يروا أنا خلقنا لهم مما عملت أيدينا أنعاما فهم لها مالكون"71 سورة يس
Do they not see that We have created for them of what Our Hands 
have created, the cattle, so that they are their owners.

Arabic Language اللغة العربية:
- We started talking about farm animals and the life cycle of the chick. Tr. Hiat, Jazaha Allahu Khyran, purchased us the fertilized eggs. Students placed them in the incubator and they observing them everyday. They can not wait for them to hatch!

- We have been singing the farm song in Arabic في المزرعة. Please check the link below for the song:

- The “At Home” book was sent on Friday.

- We are done learning the letter ق (قرش، قطة، قطار، قلب، قرد) I was amazing with the amout of words students came up with that start with the letter ق. Right after we learned the letter students started coming up to me saying:” ق ق قدمان، ق ق قطعة، ق ق قارب، ق ق قِف”. Others came saying: “فاروق  has the letterق  in it, لينا قطان has ق  in it,  مقصhas ق  in it…etc.”  Alhamdulillah, I am really pleased with the students academic achievement in the Arabic Language.

- Students are getting more freedom in doing their work. They are free to choose the spot and position they desire. Some sit on the floor, some on the chairs, others on the carpet...etc. It makes them enjoy doing work!

- We had fun with the Abraar Day Care visit. Students moving to JK on September came to visit our classroom to experience what to expect in JK.

- Reading Buddies is a program where students from another grade visit another grade and read them a book. Usually it is an older grade reading to a younger one. This year Tr. Sahar and I were thinking of making it in Arabic. Tr. Sahar brought the Grade 3s and they read to our students story books in Arabic. It was really beneficial for both grades, Alhamdulilah.

- Show and Tell: Jazakum Allahu Khyran Maham and Tsnim for a great Show and Tell.

Science العلوم and Arts الفنون:
-          Earth Day: A big Jazakum Allahu Khyran to Tr. Saffiah for arranging the day for the whole school. And for all the parents who put the effort in making us all look environment friendly.

-          We discussed the 3 Rs and how to take care of our planet.

-          Students participated in painting their FEET around the big picture of planet earth. We Also asked them to print their feet on a construction paper for you to keep as a memory. It will be great if you can frame the picture!

Gym الملعب:
The Starr Gymnastics & Fitness Satellite School Experience is coming to the school!

Alhamdulilah PST has been able to arrange for Starr Gymanstics to come in on April 29-30. Please be reminded that the students should be wearing comfortable clothing (no skirts or dresses).
Students from JK-Grade 3 will be participating in the Starr Gymnastics & Fitness Satellite School Experience on April 29-30, 2015.

The workshop is an opportunity for students from Kinder to Grade 3 to experience tumbling, jumping, spatial orientation and fitness challenges in a 40 minute dynamic and engaging presentation. The program is delivered by one of Starr's Master Instructors, who brings a trailer full of equipment, sets up and takes down all of the stations over two days.

The workshop was created following the OPHEA Guidelines and is suitable for all grades and fitness levels. There are challenges for everyone, and there is always a high level of participation. Even students who tends to be shy during regular DPA or phys-ed are known to really "jump in" to the workshop.
For additional information on Starr Gymnastics, please visit the website -

The schedule for the 2 days are: *Note: Jk-Grade 1 will participate twice, Grade 2-3 will participate once:
Schedule for STARR Gymnastics Program:
Wednesday, April 29
Thursday, April 30

- Since JK girls are not interested in playing hockey, we decided on dividing the gym to two sides. One half for the boys to play hockey, and the other half for the girls to play basket ball.

- New sand toys have been purchased for outdoor play.

Thanks to:

- Brother Adel (School's Custodian) for his great hand writing. He never hesitates writing posters for us whenever we need. The Hadith in the picture above was done by him. 
-          Lina Al-Kattan for lending us her cute cat for the story of the letter ق. Students liked her a lot.
-          Adam A’s mother for providing a cake to the class in recognition of Adam’s recovery, Alhamdulilah.

Coming up:
-          Starr Gymnastics April 29-30.
-          Field Trip to the Farm on May 8.
-          Bike Rodeo on May 26.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran