Monday, 18 May 2015

Weekly Update (May 11- May 15)

Theme: Community Helpers المهن

 عن عائشة ، أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : إن الله يحب إذا عمل أحدكم عملا أن
The Messenger of Allah p.b.u.h. said:" Allah loves that whenever any of you does
something, he should excel in it." (Hasan, Reported by al-Bayhaqi)

Arabic Language اللغة العربية:
-  We are done with the letter ل ( ليث، لونا، لينا، لينة، ليمون، لحم، لسان، لاما، لعبة). Students tasted the real lemon to co-inside with the letter ل. They loved the sour taste!

- Students are working on coloring pictures of our handmade community helper’s book (مهندس، بناء، كهربائي، مزارع، طيار، خباز، خياط، نجار، مُدرسة، رجل المطافيء، جزار، ضابط، طباخ، طبيبة، ساعي البريد).

- Community day was a success, Alhamdulilah. Students had the chance to meet a figher fighter, a lawyer, a nurse, a police officer, and go inside the fire truck.

- Our roof top picture was taken, Alahmdulilah. JK2 were sitting in the first raw. Everyone is so excited to see the picture! We ended the event with a picnic in the public park! Our very first picnic this year!

- Our annual staff picture was taken as well, Alahmdulilah!

Science العلومand Arts الفنون:
-     Both the JK1 and JK2 made the chick hatching from the egg craft. JAK Tr. Hiat for the idea. Students worked really well making it after having a discussion about the life cycle of the chicken.

-      Please remember to send extra clothes and leave it in the green box outside the classroom in case of accidents. We noticed that most of the students have no extra clothes in their boxes.          

Coming up:
- Bubble Day  
- French Café on May 21.  French day event.
- Bike Rodeo on May 26.
- PD day for teachers (No school for students) on June 5.

-Backyard Bugs Workshop on June 19.