Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekly Update (May 4- May 8)

Theme: Community Helpers المهن 

 عن عائشة ، أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : إن الله يحب إذا عمل أحدكم عملا أن 
The Messenger of Allah p.b.u.h. said:" Allah loves that whenever any of you does
something, he should excel in it
." (Hasan, Reported by al-Bayhaqi)


Arabic Language اللغة العربية:
- We reviewed the alphabets (ص – ك).
- We started discussing the neighborhood and the community helpers. We read some nice stories to relate to that.
- Students are working on coloring pictures of our handmade community helpers book (مهندس، بناء، كهربائي، مزارع، طيار، خباز، خياط، نجار، مُدرسة، رجل المطافيء، جزار، ضابط، طباخ، طبيبة، ساعي البريد).
- Our trip to the farm was very exciting, Alhamdulilah.

Science العلوم:
-      Students have been observing the fertilized eggs, and counting the days waiting for them to hatch. We talked about how the eggs will hatch, and made a chick hatching craft.
- The great news are... the eggs hatched, Alhamdulilah! We have 13 cute chicks alive in our classroom now!

 Math الحساب:
-      Students learned how to identify, count, and write number 8.

Arts الفنون:
-      We started building a big mini city diorama. Students started taping, painting, and gluing cereal boxes and other items to build the city.

-      Please remember to send extra summer clothes and leave it in the green box outside the classroom in case of accidents.           

Coming up:
      Bubble Day   
Community Day May 13.
 Roof top picture May 14.
 MAC focus for the future fundraising dinner May 15.           
 Bike Rodeo on May 26.
-Backyard Bugs Workshop on June 19.