Monday, 10 November 2014

Weekly Update (Nov. 3-7)

Language Update:

- Students got the chance to review the 4 Arabic letters that were taught earlier (Alif, Baa', Taa', and Thaa'). We played games, did some art, sang songs, and told stories about the letters.

- We practice sing the alphabet nasheed for every letter we learn in class. The nasheed goes like this:

Please check the links below to watch stories of the letters. You can also check JK2 YouTube channel for more and more videos.

- We spent some time practicing for 'All about Me' presentations.

Math:  حِساب
-          Students are practicing counting 1-10 on a daily basis during calendar, circle time, recess etc...
        Students learned how to count and trace number 2.

-     Working on memorizing a new Nasheed for numbers (uploaded on JK2 youtube channel).

Science:  عُلوم
-           We are still experimenting sinking and floating. Students played with water and objects to experiment if they sink or float (يغرق - يطفو). We will be warping up our sinking and floating unit next week, Insha'Allah.

Islamic Studies:  التَّربِيَة الإِسْلامِّيَة

- Started Allah is the creator of everything unit (  الله خالق كل شيئ).
-          Every day we have a new Duaa’ leader, Alhamdulilah! It is heart melting listening to JK2 recitation of the daily Duaa’s.

Arts:  فُنُون
- Students made their very own Arabic letter art book using different tools for painting. They painted أ-أسد with paint brushes. ب- بطة with sponges. ت- تمساح with bubble wrap, and ث - ثعبان with Mesh fabric. 

Gym:  رِياضَة

- Practiced different movements.
- Tried to balance on one foot.
- Played "Water, Ground, Fire" game (ماء، أرض، نار).

Jazakum Allahu Khyran