Monday, 3 November 2014

Weekly Update (Oct 27-31)

Language Update:
- A new song that teaches students how to count down backwards in Arabic for the morning circle has been taught.
عشرة قرود على الشجرة... قالو للتمساح: لن تمسكني ، لن تمسكني
وجاء التمساح... جاء التمساح ..... و..... أكل قرداً
كم قرد بقى؟

- We started learning about the letter ث through the following:
( solve the letter ث puzzle by pasting the peices with their matching picture to shape the letter ث, cut fresh Garlic and smell them, listen to the story of ثريا والثعبان , to integrate to Islam we talked about how prophet Mohammed PBUH avoided eating Garlic, but never criticized it, Students traced the letter ث,  colored the pictures of ثوب، ثلج) ). Students worked on their letter ث craft )ث ثعبان(.

-          Students are practicing counting 1-10 on a daily basis during calendar, circle time, recess etc…
-          Learned the square shape (المربع). 
-     Working on memorizing a new Nasheed for numbers (uploaded on JK2 youtube channel).

-          We moved from living and non-living things to sinking and floating. We are going to keep experimenting sinking and floating for the next 2 Wednesdays.

Islamic Studies:
- Started Allah is the creator of everything unit (  الله خالق كل شيئ).
-          Every day we have a new Duaa’ leader, Alhamdulilah! It is heart melting listening to JK2 recitation of the daily Duaa’s.

- Students worked in their " All about Me" art book. They painted their names, color of their eyes and color of their hair, and their favorite color using Q-tips and paint.


- Introduced the notion of balance and tried many balanced movements.
- Played "Water, Ground, Fire" game (ماء، أرض، نار).

Jazakum Allahu Khyran