Sunday 22 November 2015

Weekly Update (November 16-19)

Many mini themes in a short week: My Schoolمدرستي, Cleanlinessالنظافة, Bullyingالتنمر, Safe Outdoor Playing اللعب الآمن في الخارج

Language and Arts: اللغة العربيةوالفنون
-We learned how to identify, trace, and make a craft for the letter ح ( حوت، حصان، حمزة، حج، حليبـ حمامة. We were singing the letter ح song as we were working:

حمزة وصديقه حسان، ذهبا حديقة الحيوان، 
وجدا الحمامة تطير وخلفها الحصان
حمار الوحش واقفاً يشرب الحليب فرحان
والحوت الصغير فتح فمه كالنعسان
وهذه مخلوقات الله... فسبحان الرحمن

- We talked about safe playing outside. 

- More and more discussions and reminders about cleanliness.

- Our Costume Day was an outstanding day! I can not explain how happy the students were that day. We started the day with some fun games in gym with Tr. Hiat, Made some body movements showing off our costumes while listening to nasheeds, painted pictues on student's hands and faces with body paint, sprayed some party spray, and had some yummy dessert, Alhamdulialh.

- Our PD Day was great Alhamdulilah. Teachers took their CPR certification, learned how to make masks for drama, and attended a workshop about bullying.

- Jazakum Allahu Khyran to all the parents who contributed to the Sadaqa food bank.May Allah accept form all of you.

- Thanks to all the parents who sent me their new gmail accounts.

Mathematics الحساب:
- We integrated robots with the learning of the Square shape. Student's drawings were catchy!

Coming up:

- All About me presentations (November 23-30)
- Friday, December 4 is Parent-Teacher Interviews Day. Early dismissal for students. An e-mail will follow.
- Spirit Day #2 (Green and White Day) on Thursday, November .

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!