Sunday 29 November 2015

Weekly Update (November 23-27)

Theme: My School المدرسة

Language: اللغة العربية
-We learned how to identify, trace, and make a craft for the letter خ (خديجة، خروف، خنزير، خيار، خس، خبز).
- The student's "All about Me" presentations went really well, Masha'Allah. All students were very confident talking about themselves and their posters. Insha'Allah the rest of the students will do great as well this week.


-The students participated in the " Green and White" spirit day. They were full of spirit and joy, and wore the colors great!

- The students have come to enjoy the sensory station that we set up inside the classroom.

- JK2 students toured the school's Science Gallary that was put together by the grades 4,5, and 6. They learned about different animal habitats. JAK to all the teachers who worked hard preparing for the event.

Mathematics الحساب:
- We learned new math nasheeds, started counting backwords 10-1, and learned how to count and trace the number 3.

Arts: الفنون:

- The students learned how to differentiate between the soft ناعم and hard خشن textures. They were given many different art materials and were asked to glue 2 soft textures and 2 hared textures on their art work sheet. 

Coming up:

- Friday, December 4 is Parent-Teacher Interviews Day. Early dismissal for students.

Jazakum Allahu Khyran!